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Feeling Grateful

I am ever so grateful for all of the support I receive from my customers.  This past holiday season found me working many hours to fill custom orders.  I also had the privilege of decorating some beautiful homes for the Christmas season. 

 But honestly, I could not do what I love to do without the support of my family.  I am the luckiest wife, mother, step- mother, grandmother and daughter.  

My husband is always willing to pick up supplies for orders, help me set up at receptions, go on delivery, buy groceries, or bring home supper when I have worked a 12 hour day.  He is the one that encouraged me the most to follow my passion and start my business from home. 

We built a barn this summer so he finally has a "garage" again and I have more storage for all my decorating and rental items. Thanks love! 

My mom, WOW, what a blessing it has been to have her living with us now.   

Along with building a barn this summer/fall, we also added on to our house so she has her own suite, it is right off my my flower studio.  She makes sure I eat when I am busy working, tries to keep my floor clean, helps keep the laundry caught up and is great company when I am in my shop working.

My dad taught my sister and I the importance of being responsible at a young age. (Along with other great life lessons). He also always encouraged me to go on a bike ride when I would get stressed as a little girl and then come back to my projects later.  Well, I still take that advice but now my bike rides are to go visit with him and my step mom.  I am lucky to only live around the corner from them.  Some days I take my floral projects to their house and Dad gets to watch me create while we spend the day together.

And then there are these two amazing children that make me the happiest and proudest momma ever.

Amanda is a labor and delivery nurse at Butterworth hospital in Grand Rapids.  Although she lives a few miles away, she is one of my biggest fans.  We share the Spiritual gift of compassion.  Though our careers are totally different, we both are able to serve God in our jobs by caring for others and taking care of their needs.  When her crazy work schedule allows, she loves to assist me at weddings.  But even better, she loves to share my creations with her friends.

And then there is this guy, our Dylan Louis.  I am never surprised by his adventures.  He is the best delivery boy I could ask for, and my customers find it a joy to receive their flowers from him too.

It has hard to believe that he will be graduating this May from Ithaca high school,but we couldn't be more proud of all he has accomplished this far and excited to see what his future holds. Dylan is so patient to share my love with my flowers and business and is so understanding when my career takes me away from watching him at one of his sport activities, or when I spend a few hours shopping in the floral section of a craft store.

My family is complete with two loving step children, their spouses and 2 granddaughters who bless our family in so many ways. It is a joy to watch Jillian and Luke be parents of our beautiful granddaughters Chloe & Anavieve and to see Jeff and Ollivia build a successful boutique, LeFluer.

As you can see, I have a lot to be grateful for, but one of my biggest blessings come from being able to serve God by serving others through my passion and gifts.

May you all find gratefulness in what you do and in the family and friends that surround you.

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